Emergency Button

In case of dire situations in which you may need immediate help and attention, press and hold the emergency button for 5 seconds to activate the emergency protocol. It could be cases such as bullying, harassment, domestic violence, stalking, or any other situation where you feel unsafe.

The emergency button is big red button displayed in the home screen of the app. It will be the first thing you notice when you run the application. Pressing and holding the emergency button for 5 seconds will activate the emergency protocol. Once the protocol is active your live location will be tracked by GPS and be shared to your family, close friends, our team, nearby users of the app within the radius 5 kilometers.

The voice recording feature of your phone will be automatically switched on to record the surrounding voices. The recording will be shared to our team in real time so that we can monitor your condition and send in help from our team and the police on time. The recording will also be saved to be used as proof of event in the future.

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