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How to react on harassment……!!? Harassment is an unwanted behavior or verbal behavior that humiliates or offend a person. This may lead to mental issues, loss of confidence, and sometimes kills the person physically or mentally. If you were threatened, followed, or sexually harassed by any other person, then you need to protect yourself. Sometimes you may not be able to contact someone and ask for help or the people who you confronted may lose and remain helpless or in any other way where you lose your confidence to fight yourself, you can use our AID app.

What to do when someone is harassed?

When you see someone is bullied or harassed before you, you must take action to save them. You must figure out the situation and help him/her with appropriate way. Here are some ideas for how you can help:

  • Use AID app. Contact the team members of AID app or click on emergency button for immediate response. You can contact them in different ways like reporting them through mail, contacting through given mobile number, request a call from them, use emergency button or give an anonymous report. This helps the person a lot because the team has fast response quality and they’ll be with you until the declaration of justice.
  • Have a look on what’s happening. Look at the harasser, make eye contact, or move closer to the person being harassed. Make sure that the situation is safe enough, If so then place yourself in between the harasser and their target.
  • Have a conversation with victim. Sit or stand next to them, speak to them and let them feel safe with you. Let them know you’re there to help. Try to ignore the harasser.
  • Warn them directly. If you feel safe, directly confront the harasser. Warn them such as “This isn’t cool and it leads to serious consequences,” or, “Leave them alone.” This can help sometimes, but this doesn’t solve every time. Sometimes it increases the risk.
  • Give advices, suggestions, not demands. Allow the person being harassed to remain in control of the situation. Comfort them talking like “Its not your fault” or “You didn’t do anything to deserve this” and don’t tell them what to do or don’t judge them.
  • Search for safety. Search for someone you can really help you in such emergency situations. Or try using AID app irrespective of your location. There is safety in numbers.
  • Have a record about the situation. Take photos or videos with your phone. Ask the person being harassed if it’s OK to film the incident. This can help later to show the proofs, if the incident become legal. Or just turn on the emergency button in AID app, which records your surroundings and saves in your phone as well as with the team.
  • Report the incident. After everything is over, it may be helpful to report what happened to local organizations related to harassment in general, or to targeted advocacy groups. For example, if someone was getting harassed for being transgender, you could report what happened to a local LGBT organization that keeps track of this type of data.
  • Check on the victim. Either after or being the incident, check on the person who is being harassed whether they are OK or not.

How is AID useful in case of harassment..?

AID, Association for in-violation and dire, application helps you in any dire situation. When you are harassed by others then you can contact team of AID app and explain everything that you are facing. The team take the initiation and find you and the accuse person. They file the case against the accuse and go along the law. This team will be with you until you succeed. The advantage of this application is that, society don’t judge you and you will succeed with justice for sure.


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