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At Aidapp, we are building products that simplify living. We design technology to be really enjoyable to use and get work done. Founded in 2017 by young students, Aidapp is building revolutionary products made more useful with artificial intelligence - to help you work simpler!

Changing the World,

One Product at a Time

Effective Technology,

Simpler Lives

We innovate in artificial intelligence and over-the-top user experience design implementations to build the next big product that shall empower businesses in decision making.

We have built ' Saledrive' - The simplest sales team tracking compliance for enterprises. 'Saledrive' is a mobile-first product with the vision to reach one million businesses by the end of 2018.

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We want your input: questions, bug reports, complaints, praise, feature requests — every little bit helps. Let us know what we can do to improve Aidapp.

#129, 4 Main Rd, New Bel Road
Bangalore, 560054

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